Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still Missing

Up next, like I said in a previous post, is Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. It is the story of a woman who was kidnapped and held for a year. The story is told by her talking to a therapist. It is not a true story, but it reads like one. I know that because I started reading it yesterday :)
So far I think this book is everything I wanted with the exception of one teeny tiny thing. When Annie (the kidnapped lady) is talking to the therapist -not telling her story- she is too sassy. I
think it's mildly annoying. Good thing she is mostly telling her creepy story.

On another note, Minnesota just got the first frost of the year over night. Good stuff. I love this weather!!! When I went outside at 6am it was so pretty out. There is a big fountain across the street from us and steam was rising from it. It looked awesome. My dogs also love this weather. They would love to just stay outside and play in it.

My boyfriend and I decided to pick each others next books. I haven't picked his yet because he wants something really epic, so I need to think. For me he chose Gone with the Wind. Which he just read and loved. It is on that Radcliffe's Rival list, so I have to read it eventually anyways, I am just not too enthused about it. I am kind of weird when it comes to people picking what I read. It's the same feeling I had when I was in school and I had to read what the teachers wanted the class to read. And it's a weird thing, because with the exception of The Golden Compass, I have enjoyed everything he has picked for me. Oh well. Today I'm going to do a little browsing and pick him out something good for his next novel. I have to say though... I might not read Gone with the Wind next. I will for sure read it soon. Just maybe not next. I suck at letting people pick my books :) Plain and simple.

For my New Years Resolution I am definitely happy I added writing a book to the list. I just realized how incredibly easy reading 50 books in a year is. I will probably read more than that this year and I didn't even try. Not to mention I was in the hospital for a week and didn't read just cause for probably two weeks. So I've changed it a bit by adding: writing the novel, reading more classics (which are generally a little slower and sometimes longer) and I am going to up the number of books to 55. That will make it more interesting I think :)

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