Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Salem's Lot- Wrap Up!

So I finished Salem's Lot last night. I definitely have to say that is was not one of my favorite Stephen King novels. The last time I had blogged about it I was about 320 pages in, out of 480 pages. This last handful of pages was not scary or creepy or anything I was expecting. It was more characters just doing what they needed to do. This isn't to say the last bit wasn't good. It was definitely good. It just was not what I like out of a novel I read to get scared :)

What I enjoyed most about Salem's Lot was how easy it was to picture everything. There was a sense or realism about it that was intriguing. If you have read King's novel The Long Walk, it is kind of a realism like that. It's a unique thing only Stephen King can pull off.

Rating: 8/10
Great novel, but I let my high hopes for it get the best of me :)

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