Friday, September 10, 2010

My Day Off!!!

Last night I read quite a bit more of Salem's Lot and it is starting to get good and creepy. Just how I wanted it to be :) Unfortunately my Nook's battery died and I had to stop reading for the night.
So far I am still in the 'set up' portion of the Novel. Not much has happened, but all the characters are building, the towns history is being told and two really wacky events have happened. Within the next 25 pages I bet scary stuff is going to start! I can't wait!
The good thing is that I don't have work today and I have no plans other than to read and hang around my house. So expect some updates later.

Also, you should probably watch 20/20 tonight on ABC. It's about Progeria, which I think is one of the most horrible diseases ever. I feel really strongly about helping and donating to the Progeria Research Foundation. I first learned about this disease in 2006 and it literally breaks my heart. This disease needs to be cured and because it is so rare I just want people to know about it! So check out 20/20 tonight :)

Have a great morning everyone!

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