Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sleepy Day

Full Dark, No StarsI finished Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. It was awesome and I am so happy to have read it! All of the stories were excellent and evoked a ton of emotion. I could hardly put the book down. I also really loved the afterword he wrote. I think King would be a fun guy to hang out with. He seems nice and funny. Read this collection of stories if you want some thrill.
Rating: 10/10

FatedUp next is Fated by S.G. Browne. I'm slightly concerned it is going to be like bad Christopher Moore. Hopefully not though. Speaking of Christopher Moore, I wish he would write something new. Anyways, Fated gets great reviews from Amazon and B&N so it has a pretty good chance of being good. Usually those sites are right on.

This might be random and weird, but I don't know a ton about American history from about 1900 to about 20 years ago. So, I decided to read about the JFK assassination and all of the people involved. I knew nothing about it. Man... sad stuff. I also made the HUGE mistake of watching the video of JFK actually being shot. Ummmm, all I can say is that probably was a mistake. Is it just me or should that not really be on youtube? Don't watch it if you are sensitive to horrible things. When I first clicked on I wasn't aware that is what I would be watching. Anyways... It is really interesting to think about where we would be as a nation if that hadn't happened. I plan on learning about American history a lot more in the next few months. Hopefully some of it is really happy so it will balance out.

I don't have a ton more to say. This weekend is going to be very busy and very snowy. I feel kind of worn out this week. I had a cold for a couple days, which was super lame. I think I still have it a little bit, cause I am just not feeling 100%.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Be safe and be happy :)

"Happiness is never stopping to think if you are."  ~Palmer Sondreal

"Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad."  ~Norm Papernick

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