Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Morning

I just got back from a super fun walk around my neighborhood. It was dark when I left and sunny by the time I got back home. When I walked through the front door my dogs were waiting for me. I love that :) If they didn't have such short legs I would take them with me. But short legs are not made for speedy and long walks. It's probably about 50 degrees out. That is also known as 'perfect' in my book.

Last night I read quite a bit of Divine Misfortune. I think I can sum of most of my thoughts about it in just a couple sentences. Here goes: A. Lee Martinez's writing is similar to Christopher Moore, only Mr. Moore is a great writer. If you have read everything by Christopher Moore and are desperate for something kind of like his novels, pick up Divine Misfortune.
That might sound harsh and I suppose it probably is a little, but what can I say? I definitely am enjoying this novel, just not as much as I would enjoy most Moore novels. And to be honest, I am comparing A. Lee Martinez to Christopher Moore because a lot of people say how similar they are. It's really hard for me to not be biased about something in my reviews. I read so much that it is really hard to not draw comparisons or have certain expectations.

I am about 80 pages into Divine Misfortune. It is 214 pages long I believe. Oh, and it is not about two guys... it is a husband and wife. For some reason I always think the name Teri is a mans name. So that is why I assumed it was two guys. Oh well :)

Here is a precious puppy:


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