Friday, November 5, 2010


I am almost half done with Good Omens. It is not my favorite so far. I like it and it is starting to get interesting, but I think the humor is a little too dry and I feel like I am missing out on some of the comedy because I don't get the religious jokes. I have pretty much zero background in Christianity... or any religion for that matter. I love Neil Gaiman, so I feel like the problem I must be having with this novel is the Terry Pratchett part. That makes me reconsider reading the Discworld series.

This is the 49th novel I have read this year. When I started this site, it was to track my year long goal to read 50 novels... well, turns out I can easily read 50 novels in less than a year. I would say there was probably over a month of time that I didn't read this year too. So next year I will definitely need to change the goal if I want a challenge. I have super high hopes for 2011, so I want to make my goals something to be proud of. 2010 was probably one of the strangest, darkest and confusing years of my life. And it's not even over. I don't want to say it has been a bad year, because it hasn't. A lot of awesome and amazing things have happened. But this year a ton of horrible things have happened too. Life altering things. 2011 needs to kick ass!

It smells like winter outside this morning. I love winter. Hate driving in it, but love it in general. I want some snow! It's like 20 degrees out :)

Here is an article about hilarious plants! 

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