Monday, October 25, 2010

What This Blog Is

This blog has really turned into something totally different than I originally planned on it being. A Year In Books was supposed to be my 2011 reading goal tracker and my opinion on those books while reading them. Instead, I have found that it is difficult for me to write a lot about what I am reading while reading it. I have also turned to blogging for a couple little life events and just thoughts in general. It's kind of nice to be able to air out thoughts to everyone, without having to deal with anyone. I expect in the next few months I will start doing that more. Which isn't to say this blog will turn into a blog about my life... I will still be reviewing books and dealing with my reading goal. I just think sharing my feelings on things is therapeutic in some way and maybe that should be part of my resolution as well.

2011 is going to be hands down the most chaotic year of my life so far. I don't feel like disclosing why exactly just yet. There will certainly be a lot of changes though. I am a person who thrives on consistency, so it should be an interesting thing, trying to sort through 2011. And it's not even here yet! Man...

This afternoon I am going to read a bunch, so tomorrow or the next day I will probably have a review for Coyote Blue posted. To be honest, even though it's a good book, I will be glad when it's over. It's not my favorite Moore book in any way. Also, if you live by a Target and have some extra money, they are doing huge clearances on lots of great stuff!!!

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