Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have been reading super slow lately. What can ya do? Maybe I will finish Coyote Blue tomorrow. It's just one of those times when I have a lot going on in life and reading takes a backseat. Looks like I am easily going to make my 50 novels in 2010 goal. Coyote Blue is the 47th.

It's really lame when life throws too much at a person at one time. But maybe it' better than if life threw a constant little stream of crap at you. Just get it all over at once, so the good times can be better. It's a tough call. And usually what seems so terrible isn't all that bad once you are in the clear. Everything always works out. If you are having a hard time in life right now or if things just aren't going your way, here are some fun links that might help... or at least make you smile :)

Mysteries solved by photos. Very cool.

Super weird facts!

Vintage tech ads.

Creepy Victorian stuff.

A brief guide to life.

I want to live here, by the way.

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