Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today has been semi-miserable due to allergies, work and a puppy that wont let me take a nap. After reading for a while I decided to take a walk with Chewie so he would hopefully get worn out. What I discovered is amazing. He is only three months old and can already walk like a trained dog. We went for a really long walk and he was by my side the whole time... and he didn't even get tired!!! I am going to lose a lot of weight with this little guy! I can't imagine how much he will be able to walk when he has grown.

I am about half done with The Lust Lizard. I am enjoying it a lot and plan on reading a bunch more tonight. So far I think Practical Demonkeeping and The Stupidest Angel are the best Pine Cove books. I love the Pine Cove novels. They are fun and it's so nice to get to know all the characters. Hopefully Moore's next novel will be set there. They are better than the San Fransisco series.

Here is a great post about the worlds biggest animals! I like the picture of the horses :)

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