Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Driver & Chicken Tacos!

Last night I finished Big Driver, the second short story in King's Full Dark, No Stars. I loved it. It was nearly impossible to put down. The ending was satisfying too. Super riveting. I give it 10/10.
I am enjoying Full Dark, No Stars a lot more than I thought I would. Maybe short story collections aren't so bad. After I finished Big Driver I started the third short story, which is called Fair Extension. This one should be interesting because it has a couple connections to King's novel Insomnia...which I read and liked a lot.

My gluten free eating has been going good. Last week went okay, this week is going very smooth. It's pretty tricky because I also can't eat much yeast. So between those two things being removed from my diet, I have a lot less variety than what I'm used to. Today for lunch I made delicious chicken tacos in our new toaster oven. For dessert (because I love lunch dessert) I had a small pancake with strawberry jelly. YUM! For dinner I am making a big stir fry. It is going to be amazing. Today is a good food day :)

It feels like this week is insanely busy. Busy with places to go, activities to attend, work and chores. It kind of weighs me down. Not to mention my parents divorce crap. That is emotionally draining as well, although in the past week it has eased up a tiny bit. I try to make at least one hour a night to just lay in bed and relax. Usually this means read, but sometimes I watch T.V. or a movie. Last night I cut out words and pictures in magazines for the vision board I am going to make Saturday. I have never made a vision board before. Hopefully they work!!!

Here is a good link:
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