Monday, February 7, 2011

Caution: Everyone's Sick

Hey everyone. Guess what? I'm still sick. Hence not blogging for a week. I have been going through roughly one box of Kleenex per day and had to miss another day of work last week. I finally feel like I am getting better, but man has this lasted a long time!!! Turns out a ton of people are dealing with pretty much the same thing. A horrible cold that is lasting 2+ weeks. It is the worst. Feel better everyone. And for gods sake, take a couple days off of work so it stops being spread around. If I get sick again I'm going to throw a fit!

Deadeye Dick: A NovelI finished Deadeye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut. It was fine. I had a good time reading it, but I had much higher expectations for it. When I read Vonnegut I never know exactly what to expect, but this one was sort of flat. Maybe it wasn't as funny as I wanted it to be. It certainly had less of a story than his other novels I have read.
Rating: 5/10

The Painted DarknessLast night I read The Painted Darkness by Brian James Freeman. It is around 200 pages and it is super captivating. It is about a man who had something traumatize him as a child that he suppressed. Now as an adult he 'paints the darkness away'. Basically, he is a man with serious issues and this is a horror/creepy book. I was very into it the whole time and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen...and then it ended... WHAT? Yeah. It just ended. With no ending or anything. My thought on this was the author planned on it being a much longer novel and then he didn't know how to wrap it up so he just stopped writing. It was that abrupt. So I have really mixed feelings about it as a whole. Go ahead and read it, but expect the 'ending' to be super disappointing.
Rating: 7/10

The Five People You Meet in HeavenNow I am reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. My mom says it is really good and the past few books she has recommended have been really good. I'm just a few pages into it. Hopefully I will read a bunch tonight. I thought I would be reading this afternoon, but sick-brain is just making me watch T.V. and sit. Like a zombie.

Here are some good links about dreams/sleep:
(I literally sat and read about sleep and dreams for two hours the other evening. Totally dazing out while on cold medicine. These were two of the most interesting articles. I also read about serial killers for a couple hours, but this stuff is more happy :))

To everyone who is sick: Take time to rest and feel better.
To everyone who is not sick: Be nice to the sick people!
Have a good day people :)

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